Welcome to BDR Loopers & Machinery! We are a reliable provider of quality loopers and tufting machine parts at affordable prices. We strive for excellence and creativity and so, we continue to look for ways to manufacture highly efficient machines at a price you can afford. We are always looking for new materials, meticulously trying new ways to boost quality and save money and upgrade our machinery. 
BDR Loopers & Machinery incorporates innovation, industry standards and years of experience in every tufting machine part we offer. The end result is a user-friendly, reliable and efficient tufting machines parts that you can rely on. Every machine part is made to capture your needs and help you have a dependable tool that will take you to success. 
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Explore our site and discover the most innovative and advanced machines that are helping carpet manufacturers enhance their production, efficiency and stay ahead of their competitors. 
We’ve been producing quality loopers and tufting machine parts since 1986 we continuously work hard to give you the best quality parts at reasonable prices. We understand how price affects your decision. Don’t worry because we are here to help. Visit us or give us a call and let us bring you the finest tufting parts in the market.  

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