Located in the heart of the carpet capital of the world, Dalton, Georgia… Sits the best looper manufacture in the world, BDR Loopers and Machinery.
Since 1986,  BDR Loopers and Machinery has been providing the carpet industry with top-quality loopers. As well as many other tufting machine parts, making them the industry’s one-stop destination for carpet machine parts of every kind.
How do we stay on top? One word - Innovation.
BDR Loopers and Machinery is always searching for new, better materials to make their parts. Upgrading their machinery to manufacture parts at the highest level. And pursuing the most innovative ways to save their customers money. With over 250 years of combined carpet machine parts manufacturing experience.
BDR Loopers and Machinery is the recommended OEM provider of most tufting, looper and mending gun manufacturers. They take great pride in the fact that with our in-house tooling department we can fabricate practically any part, of any size, with any metal.
If you own or run a carpet manufacturing company and you need top quality replacement parts, at very reasonable prices… Look no further than BDR Loopers and Machinery.
BDR Loopers and Machinery, We Manufacture Excellence.

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Chatsworth, Georgia 30705

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